You’ve got this

TymeBank is a new kind of bank that’s digitally smart. The money we save by not having branches benefits you, it means you pay a lot less for banking. We have no monthly fees, many everyday banking transactions are FREE and there are very low charges for other transactions. And that’s just for starters.

Join the digital bank that lets you get more and pay less. 

Why bank with us?



No documents. No stress. Opening and using our EveryDay account is quick and easy.



No monthly fees. Free day-to-day banking transactions. Really low charges for other transactions.



Earn bonus Smart Shopper points wherever you shop and double Smart Shopper points when you swipe and pay inside Pick n Pay.

One of a kind

A powerful GoalSave tool. Put money in, take money out, with no restrictions, fees or penalties. Leave it in a bit longer to earn as much as 10% interest.

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