Our TymeBank story

We’re a digital bank that’s all about keeping things easy, clear and affordable.

Where we’re going

Our purpose

To empower mang ka mang mo Mzansi to take back control of their money.

Our mission

To help you understand how money really works by giving you a clear picture of every Rand and cent you have. This helps you make decisions about your money today that has the power to grow into a secure financial future.

We believe that every South African has the right to accessible and affordable banking.

What we believe in

TymeBank is all about 3 key things.

1. Simplicity

Our products, services and tools are designed to be easy to use and easy to find.

Because there is a TymeBank kiosk in most Pick n Pay and Boxer stores and you can deposit and withdraw money at every Pick n Pay and Boxer till point, you can bank where you shop.

Our banking app and online banking is ready for you neng kapa neng and our services like SendMoney for example, lets you send money to someone else, kae kapa kae mo Mzansi, even if that person doesn’t have a bank account.

2. Transparency

Banking doesn’t have to be complicated. There’s no need for larney words or hidden costs.
We make sure that you know exactly what is free, what banking you pay for (and how much) and we keep our fees and charges super-simple.

3. Affordability

Abomalume, soccer moms, truck drivers, managers, Mzansi-preneurs and umpakathi as a whole, have the right to accessible and affordable banking.

Because we are a digital bank, the money we save by not having branches – coupled with our partnership with Pick n Pay and Boxer retail stores, means that we can offer you a lot more at a lot less cost to you.

Always there for you

We’re a digital bank that is physically present.

You can bank with us at over 14 000 till points across the Pick n Pay and Boxer network and at over 700 kiosks, many of which are staffed by dedicated TymeBank Ambassadors who are ready to lend a helping hand.

We also have videos, articles, how-to info, and articles on our website plus the support of a Mzansi-based call centre.

Basel III Pillar 3 Disclosures

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Regulatory Capital Disclosures

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