Use your money to make money.

Your EveryDay account gives you access to a powerful savings tool called GoalSave.

GoalSave gives you complete control of your money. You can create up to 10 different savings goals, give each GoalSave a name (e.g. wedding, birthday, family holiday), and earn a great interest rate, with no restrictions, fees or penalties. Our GoalSave tool makes it easy to reach your dreams. You can add as much as R100 000 into as many as 10 active GoalSaves and once you’ve added money to a GoalSave, no debit orders can come off it - keeping your money safe and free to grow. And, if you're willing to wait for 10 days to get your money, we will give you a bonus that will take the maximum interest you can earn up to 10% per annum*.

Why use GoalSave


Reach your savings goals

Set aside money to make dreams happen.

earn higher interest on savings

10 GoalSaves

Set up different GoalSaves to plan for different things.


Keep your savings safe

GoalSave protects your money from unauthorised debit orders.


Better interest the longer you save

The longer you save, the more interest you earn.

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10-Days notice bonus

Wait 10 days for your payout and we'll give you a bonus on top of the money and interest you've already earned.

No. of days after money is added to your GoalSaveAnnual interest rate
1 - 306%
31 - 907%
If you give 10 days’ notice after 90 days10%*

* Annual interest rates: 6% interest from day 1, 7% after 30 days, 9% after 90 days. If you give 10 days’ notice after 90 days – you earn as much as 10%.

Interest and limits


The money in your GoalSaves earns you interest at rates that increase over time.


You can have up to 10 active GoalSaves at any point in time. You can add money to your GoalSaves as often as you like up to a maximum of R100 000 across your GoalSaves.

Remember, the combined total across all your GoalSaves and your EveryDay account can't be more than the limit set for your profile. Learn more about our different EveryDay account profiles.

How to use GoalSave

  • add-money

    How to add money

    • You’ll need a TymeBank EveryDay account.
    • You can create up to 10 different GoalSaves and give them each a name, if you want to.
    • You can add money into your GoalSave(s) whenever you want using our SmartApp or Internet Banking.
    • You can add money to your GoalSave(s) as often as you want.
  • withdraw-money

    How to withdraw money

    You have two options:

    1. Get an instant payout. You can close a GoalSave at any time and all the money in that GoalSave will be transferred into your EveryDay account immediately. This includes all the money you’ve added and all the interest you’ve earned up to the day you close the GoalSave. There is no cost to open or close a GoalSave.
    2. If you're willing to wait 10 days for your payout, we'll give you a bonus on top of the money and interest you've already earned. When the 10 days is up, the full amount, including the bonus, will be paid into your EveryDay account.

Frequently Asked Questions about GoalSave and answers

What happens if someone sends money to my GoalSave?

They can’t send money directly to your GoalSave. The money transferred to you will appear […]

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Can I reopen a GoalSave?

Once a GoalSave is paid out, it is closed. You can open a new GoalSave […]

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How is interest applied?

Interest rates increase over time. The longer you save, the higher the rate. We start […]

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