Where to bank

TymeBank is digitally smart and nationally present. You can bank with us online using our SmartApp and Internet banking and withdraw and deposit cash at more than 10 000 Pick n Pay and Boxer till points throughout South Africa. You can open an EveryDay account in under 5 minutes, either online, or at a TymeBank kiosk at selected Pick n Pay and Boxer stores. Our kiosk will issue you a personalised Visa debit card right then and there.

Easy to access, easy to use and easy to keep control of your money.

Other banks see numbers. We see you. We give you the tools and services to help you get where you're going so you can achieve everything we know you're capable of.

  • access


    • All your accounts in one place on our SmartApp and Internet banking site.
    • Take control of your money and watch it grow with our easy-to-use GoalSave tool.
    • Manage your personal details, add and remove devices and update your preferences.
    • Speak to a TymeBank Ambassador and get access to free Wifi in selected Pick n Pay and Boxer stores around the country.
  • thumbs-up


    • Make payments at the tap of a button.
    • Make your dreams happen with our powerful GoalSave tool.
  • security


    • All your card transactions are password or PIN-protected to keep them safe.
    • You have the power to immediately freeze or cancel your card and delink devices if they have been lost or stolen.

Banking to match your fast pace.

It’s secure and convenient. All you need is a phone, tablet, laptop or computer that’s connected to the Internet. You get free WiFi in selected Pick n Pay and Boxer stores, so once you've opened your EveryDay account you can download our SmartApp from the Google Play Store for free. If you’re on an iPhone, please use our Internet Banking site instead. You can:

  • View your EveryDay account and GoalSaves balances
  • Create and name up to 10 GoalSaves and add money to them whenever you want
  • Make payments.
  • Manage your beneficiaries.
  • Manage your personal details, add and remove devices and update your preferences
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Download the SmartApp

Touch, interact, done

There’s an easy to use TymeBank kiosk inside selected* Pick n Pay and Boxer stores in South Africa (with many more to follow soon).

You can:

  • Open an account in less than 5 minutes. All you need is your SA ID number,  your thumbprint and an active cellphone number.
  • Get your personalised TymeBank debit card right away.
  • See your EveryDay account balances.
  • Securely Login using only a thumbprint.