Pay multiple business accounts at once. Done

Keep things simple and time-smart. Use Bulk Payments to settle the bills, the invoices, the salaries and any other bits and pieces in one go.

Why use Bulk Payments?

Dolo hassle. Make up to 30 different payments at a time

Pay money directly into different bank accounts

Send payments to different cellphone numbers

Pay TymeBank to TymeBank plus Tymebank to non-TymeBank accounts in the same batch

How Bulk Payments work

Fo’ starters, you need and EveryDay Business account to send Bulk Payments. Then you can pay up to 30 different invoices at once.

You can make Bulk Payment to any bank account or valid SA cellphone number and the receiver can withdraw the money from any Pick n Pay or Boxer till point mahala.

The even sweeter part is that you can make payments to a blend of TymeBank and non-TymeBank accounts and cellphone numbers in a single batch.

What it costs and how much you can send

  • To make Bulk Payments from TymeBank to another TymeBank accounts or cellphone numbers linked to a TymeBank account is FREE
  • To make Bulk Payments to non-TymeBank accounts or cellphone numbers not liked to TymeBank is R4 per transaction
  • For example, if you send R400 the person receiving it will get R396 (R400 – R4 fee). So remember to add R4 to the amount you’re sending so that the person getting your payment gets the full amount they need.
  • Another example, if you’re paying 10 people – 6 of whom have TymeBank accounts but 4 don’t – there will be a transaction cost of 4 x R4.

How use Bulk Payments

Enter details | Bulk Payments

Login to your EveryDay Business account and click on Send-to-Many or PayToMany. Then enter the cellphone number of the person you’re sending money to and the amount you want to pay.

Double check

Make sure you’ve got the total amount and the supplier, vendor or employee’s details 100% right. Yes? Then click Confirm. Once you’ve made this payment it can’t be undone

Sending TymeBank to TymeBank? | Bulk Payments

The money you’ve sent instantly goes into the receiver’s TymeBank EveryDay account and they get an SMS to let them know it’s arrived.

Sending TymeBank to non-TymeBank? | Bulk Payments

Each person you’re sending money to will get an SMS with the Rand value and a 10-digit voucher number. This number is valid for 7 days.

Frequently asked questions

No, but this feature will be available in the future.

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