No card machine?
No problem

Use TymePOS by TymeBank to receive card payments ASAP

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Why use TymePOS?

Double up your smartphone as card machine

Keep the cash flow alive. Get paid in realtime

Do business wherever you and your cell phone go

Get monthly transaction reports. Keep an eye on that bottom line

How TymePOS by TymeBank works

We understand that being an entrepreneur demands making sales wherever you are, which is why we developed TymePOS.

It’s a Point of Sale payment app that lets you receive credit and debit card payments in a flash. All you need is a smartphone and a TymeBank EveryDay Business account. Better yet, the app is free, which means you get a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

Just like any other Point of Sale device, your customers pay you by tapping their card – only this time it’s on your cell phone screen. So no more “sorry I don’t have cash on me” and lots more tap-tap and ka’ching!

What it costs and what you’ll need

  • The TymePOS by TymeBank app is free.
  • Pay no upfront fees or monthly fees while using the app.
  • Only pay for the transactions you make. Transaction fees are R1 per R50 (or part thereof per sale) excluding VAT. And you can choose to pass this fee on to the customer.
  • TymePOS by TymeBank app is available for most smartphones (iOS coming soon).
  • You need to have a TymeBank EveryDay Business account before you can register for TymePOS and download the app.


Register for TymePOS

Log in to the Banking App and select the “receive card payments” story from the marketing circles at the top of your screen. Select “Learn More” to get started.

Download TymePOS app

You’ll need to read and accept the T&Cs, as well as confirm your email address to continue. Once you’ve done this, we’ll send you a welcome email with a link to download the app.

Sign in

In the email, you’ll find a unique User ID. Use this to log in to the app in seconds.

Let customers tap to pay

You’re all set! Your phone is officially a point-of-sale in your pocket. Now, simply open the app on your phone when making a sale and let your customers tap to pay.

Frequently asked questions

TymePOS is a card payment solution that lets businesses accept card payments from customers through tap-to-pay functionality. This is enabled through the TymePOS app on NFC-enabled Android smartphones running Android 8.0 or higher.

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