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The TymeCoach App gives you free access to your credit score plus tips and tools to help you make better decisions about your money and achieve everything we know you're capable of.

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Check your credit score. For free

Take a look at your credit score for free, any time, without it being affected.


Improve your score

Everything you need, to help you understand, maintain and boost your credit score.


Get credit score alerts

TymeCoach will alert you when your score changes so you’re always in the know.


Compare your score

See how you’re doing. Compare your credit score to other people like you.


Understand your report

Get a full credit report. It Doesn't cost anything and it's easy to understand. 


It’s safe and secure

TymeCoach will never ask you for your credit card info.

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Frequently Asked Questions about TymeCoach

What if I lose my job and I can’t pay my debts ?

If you have lost your job it is important that you let your lenders or […]

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What if my ID is already registered?

First make sure you have captured your ID correctly. If you are still having trouble, […]

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What is a credit file ?

A credit file is a record of all your past and current credit relationships. Whenever […]

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