How do I link my smart shopper account with my TymeBank card

By TymeBank - 27 February, 2020

Your PnP Smart Shopper card is automatically linked to your account when you register for a bank account.   

Your TymeBank Visa Debit card doubles as a Smart Shopper card (the Smart Shopper number is encoded in the magstripe and barcode, and printed below the barcode on the back of the card).

When you join TymeBank via the kiosk (and tick the Smart Shopper T&C’s box) we’ll link your yellow TymeBank card to your Smart Shopper profile: 

  • If you already have a blue Smart Shopper card, and have registered a Smart Shopper profile (at the Smart Shopper kiosk in PnP, or online), both cards will be “active” (you can earn and burn points with either – and any points you’ve earned on your blue card will be available on your new TymeBank card). 
  • If you don’t yet have a Smart Shopper profile, we’ll create one for you, and link your TymeBank card. 

We hope most customers will love the convenience of using one card to earn, burn and pay. We’ll reward “swipe to earn” and “dip/tap to pay” by matching the Smart Shopper points PnP award (PnP earn reflects immediately on your till slip, TymeBank points will be aggregated and awarded after the end of the month): 

  • Swipe your TymeBank card to earn Smart Shopper points from PnP, even when paying with other bank’s cards or cash (but keep in mind that TymeBank will only match the Smart Shopper earn when the TymeBank card is also used to pay) 
  • If you’ve linked other offerings to your Blue Smart Shopper card (such as a Store account) you should keep using your blue card to access these offerings. 

Outside of PnP, you’ll also earn Smart Shopper points every time you use your TymeBank card to pay.