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How do I switch my salary to TymeBank?

By TymeBank - 25 August, 2020
  • Log into the TymeBank SmartApp or internet banking and click on your EveryDay account
  • Select ‘Proof of Bank Account’ (App) or Proof of Account (Internet Banking)
  • Check that your email address is correct and press send (if you wish to change your email address simply select ‘Update Profile Email’)
  • When you receive the email with your Proof of Banking Account letter, simply forward that email to your employer and request that they update your banking details on their payment system. Or you can print the letter and hand it to your employer.
  • If you have debit orders that you need to switch, then you can send the same letter to the payments department of the company debiting the amount and request that they update their systems with your new banking details.

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