What are the benefits of having an EveryDay business account?

By TymeBank - 04 June, 2020
  1. Keep your profit and savings safe with great interest rates on GoalSave
  2. No red tape or endless paperwork to open an account
  3. Easily get paid and pay others with EFT, or use SendMoney to pay suppliers without bank accounts
  4. Earn SmartShopper points anywhere you shop with your business account and double Smart Shopper points at any Pick n Pay
  5. Keep your personal and business accounts in one place but still separate, so you can easily see where your money is
  6. Use it as a group savings account that family and friends can pay into for a Stokvel or any other item or event you all want to save towards.
  7. Pay up to 30 people or suppliers at the same time
  8. No or low fees for transactions