EveryDay account fees and charges

Monthly administration feeFree
Android banking app subscription feeFree
Online banking subscription feeFree
SMS notifications Free
Initial Visa debit cardFree
Electronic funds transfer from TymeBank to TymeBankFree
SendMoney from TymeBank to TymeBankFree
12 months’ bank statements (via banking app, online banking & email)Free
Beneficiary payment notification (banking app & online banking)Free
Proof of account (banking app & online banking)Free
Balance enquiries: banking app, online banking & kioskFree
First deposit at a till point.Free
Cash withdrawal with TymeCode @ PnP & Boxer till pointsFree
Cash withdrawal with debit card at till point @ PnP & BoxerFree
Debit card purchasesFree
Online purchasesFree
Using the banking app & online banking service to buy prepaid electricity, airtime, data & SMS bundlesFree
Debit order dispute within 40 days (when helped by the Customer Service Centre)Free
Cash withdrawal with debit card at till point @ other retailersR2
Payment to non-TymeBank account R2
Debit order (external – where your account is debited to pay a 3rd party)R2
Debit card balance enquiry at ATMsR2
Debit card, debit order & ATM decline fee (due to insufficient funds or incorrect PIN)R2
Cash deposit with a TymeCode at Pick n Pay and Boxer till points (R4 per R1000 or part thereof)R4
Visa debit card deposit at Pick n Pay and Boxer till points (R4 per R1000 or part thereof) R4
Late payment reversal to TymeBank R4
Cash withdrawal from ATMs (R8 per R1 000 or part thereof)R8
Debit order dispute older than 40 days R40
Unsuccesful debit card dispute feeR40
Debit card replacement feeR50
Late payment reversal to TymeBankR150

Click here to read our full terms and conditions for the EveryDay account.