How do I open an EveryDay Business account?

You need to be an existing EveryDay Personal account holder on a “Good Friends” profile limit. You must also be a Sole Trader.

How do I know if I’m a Sole Trader?

Have a business that is owned and run by you in, where you have all the decision-making authority
A business that is not registered with the Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) i.e. the business must not be a registered closed corporation, company, private company or partnership
All the risks associated to the business are assumed by you

All good?

Follow these easy steps to register for your EveryDay Business account via Internet Banking
Select Register
From the list provided select where the money being deposited into this account will come from
Type in your full business name
Select the industry of your business from the list provided
Type in your business address, this can be the same as your personal address
Type in your business phone number and business e-mail address, these can be the same as your personal account information
Your EveryDay Business account will now be created

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