Getting to know online shopping acronyms

There are many acronyms used in the online shopping world. We define some of them for you below.

2-FATwo Factor Authentication
AAC Application Authentication Cryptogram
ACAuthenticated Collections
ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACIAuthorization Characteristics Indicator
ACSAccess Control Server
ADVTAcquirer Device Validation Testing (VISA)
AEDOAuthenticated Early Debit Order
AFDAutomated Fuel Dispenser
AFTAccount Funding Transaction
ALMAccount-Level Management
ALPAccount-Level Processing
AMLAnti-Money Laundering
APPSoftware Application running on a Mobile Device
APRAnnual Percentage Rate
ARPC Authorization Response Cryptogram
ARQC Authorization Request Cryptogram
ATMAutomated Teller Machine
Auto-CDB Automated Cardholder Database Service
AVSAccount Verification Service
AVSAddress/Account Verification Service
AVS-RAccount Verification Service Real-time
B2PBusiness to Person
BICBank Identification Code
BINBank Identification Number
BRDBusiness Requirement Document
CAM (Online) Card Authentication Method
CAMS Compromised Account Management System
CASCard Authorization System (issuer side)
CAVVCardholder Authentication Verification Value
CFTCombating the Financing of Terrorism
CICOCash In Cash Out
CITCash In Transit
CMACommon Monetary Area
CMSCard Management System
CNPCard not Present
CPS Custom Payment Service
CPVCard Personalisation Validation
CRBCard Recovery Bulletin
CRCCVV Result Code
CRMCopy Request Manager
CRSChargeback Reduction Service
CSUCard Status Update
CVM Card Verification Method
CVNCryptogram Version Number
CVPCustomer Value Proposition
CVR CVV Card Verification Value
DASDirect Access Service
DCCDynamic Currency Conversion
DCCDynamic Currency Conversion
dCVVDynamic Card Verification Value
DDADynamic Data Authentication
DEX Direct Exchange
DFSDigital Financial Services
DMSISO8583 Dual Message System
DRADigital Revenue Advance
DUKPTDerived Unique Key Per Transaction
E17Exemption 17 Bank Account, with less stringent FICA verification and Accounts limits
EASExtended Access Server
EBPPElectronic Bill Presentation and Payment
EBTElectronic Benefits Transfer (PIN Debit Gateway Service)
ECIElectronic Commerce Transaction Identifier
EDCElectronic Data Capture
EDD Enhanced Due Diligence
EDOEarly Debit Order
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EIRF Electronic Interchange Reimbursement Fee
EPSExpress Payment Service
ETDBWEasy To Do Business With
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FBEFree Basic Electricity
FCFor Clearing
FICFinancial Intelligence Centre
FICAFinancial Intelligence Centre Act
FPI Fee Program Indicator
FRSFraud Reporting Service
FSAFlexible Spending Account
FSS Functional system Specification
GCAS Global Customer Assistance Service
GLGeneral Ledger
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GN6Cell Phone Banking Product, with basic FICA verification and specific account limits (Non Face to Face account opening)
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
HSMHardware Security Modules
IAD Issuer Application Data
IBANInternational Bank Account Number
ICAInterbank Card Association number
ICMSIntegrated Cash Management Service
ICPIntra Company Purchase
ICSIssuers' Clearinghouse Service
ICS Interchange Control System
iCVVIntegrated Circuit Card (iCC) CVV
IDSInternational Data Standard
IFSInternational Financial Services
IIASInventory Information Approval System—Internal Revenue Service (IRS) terminology
IMInstant Messaging
IPInstant Payments
IPLInternational Prefix List
IRRInternal Rate of Return
ISA International Service Assessment
ISO8583International standard for financial transaction card originated interchange messaging
ITTIntertask Table
IVRInteractive Voice Response
IWK Issuer Working Key
KYCKnow Your Customer
MAMerchant Advance
MACMessage Authentication Code
MATCHMember Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants
MCCMerchant Category Code
MCFSMerchant Central File Service
MDFMarket Distribution Fund
MDMMobile Device Management
MISManagement Information System
MIS/CASMerchant Information System/Card Authorization System
MNOMobile Network Operators
MOBIInternet Browser from a mobile phone
MOTOMail Order or Telephone Order
MSMerchant Servicer
MSDIMarket-Specific Data Identifier
MSISDNMobile Phone Number
M-TIPMasterCard Terminal Integration Process
MVIMerchant Volume Indicator (Field 63.18)
MVVMerchant Verification Value
NADNon ATM Device
NAEDONon Authenticated Early Debit Order
NCANational Credit Act
NCRF National Card Recovery File
NFC Near Field Communication
NID Network ID (Field 63.1—Network Identification Code)
NIRNon Interest Revenue
NNSS National Net Settlement Service
NOT ON USPayments between a CBSA customer and a customer from another bank, meaning the accounts are held by different banks.
NRI Not Received as Issued
NSRNo Signature Required
OCTOriginal Credit Transaction
OIF Optional Issuer Fee
ON USPayments between CBSA customers, where both accounts are held in CBSA
OTPOne Time Pin/Password
P2MPerson to Merchant
PACM Positive Authorization Capacity Management
PADProprietary Authentication Data
PAN Primary Account Number
PARPayer Authentication Request
PASAPayments Association of South Africa
PCASPositive Cardholder Authorization Service
PCHPayment Clearing House
PCH SOPayment Clearing House System Operator
PCI-DSSPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard
PCR Processing Center Record
PEP Politically Exposed Person
PINPersonal Identification Number  
POPIProtection Of Personal Information
POSPoint of Sale
PPAPrepaid Airtime / Data/SMS Bundle
PPCSPreauthorized Payment Cancellation Service
PPEPrepaid Electricity
PSOPayment Service Operator, BankservAfrica for NAEDO and QED.
PSPPayment Service Provider
PSPPayment Service Provider
PUCPayments Use Case
PVKI PIN Verification Key Index
PVS PIN Verification Service
PVV PIN Verification Value
QEDQualified Early Debit Order.
QMRQuarterly Management Reports
QR CodeQuick Response Code (2D Barcode)
RAReimbursement Attribute
RFCRequest for Copy
RFPRequest for Proposal
RPIDRegistered Program ID
RSARepublic of South Africa
RTD Real Time Decisioning
RTPRequest To Pay
SAFESystem to Avoid Fraud Effectively
SAMOSThe South African Multiple Option Settlement system is an automated interbank settlement system provided by the South African Reserve Bank for banks to settle their obligations on an immediate real-time basis, or in a delayed settlement arrangement, providing guaranteed settlement.
SARBSouth African Reserve Bank
SARSSouth African Revenue Service
SDAStatic Data Authentication
SIGISSpecial Interest Group for IIAS Standards
SIMSubscriber Identity Module
SIPSupermarket Incentive Program
SLAService Level Agreement
SMESmall to Medium Enterprise
SMFSelect Merchant Fee (Program)
SMSShort Message Service
SMSISO8583 Single Message System
SMS Single Message Service
SOAService Oriented Architecture
SQSSaswitch Query System
SRPStop Recurring Payment
SSDSelf Service Device
STIP Stand-In Processing
STIP 1 and STIP 2Stand In Processing, level 1 and level 2
STKSIM Application Tool Kit
T&CsTerms and Conditions
T&ETravel & Entertainment
TADC Transaction Amount in Destination Currency
TCTransaction Certificate
TCTransaction Code
TCFTreat Consumers Fairly
TID Transaction Indicator
TLVTag-Length-Value (Format) (see BER)
TMSTerminal Management System
TokenThe object (card, phone, etc.) used to access a channel (internet banking, mobile application, etc.)
TPSThird-Party Servicer
TVRTerminal Verification Results
UCAFUniversal Cardholder Authentication Field (Mastercard)
UCAT Unattended Cardholder-Activated Transaction
UIDUniversal Identifier (UID)
URLUniform Resource Locator (URL); the generic term for a website address
USDUnited States Dollar
USSDUnstructured Supplementary Service Data
VASValue Added Services
VAS VisaNet Authentication Service
VATValue Added Tax
VbVVerified by VISA
VCRFSVisaNet Copy Request and Fulfillment Service
VDASVisaNet Documentation Automation Service
VEPSVisa Easy Payment Service
VIC VisaNet Interchange Center
ViC Visa iCVV Convert
VIDSVisaPhone Issuer Direct Service
Visa MG Visa Message Gateway
VMPVisa Mobile Prepaid
VMTVisa Money Transfer
VSDCVisa Smart Debit and Visa Smart Credit
VSECVisa Secure Electronic Commerce
VSIL Visa Information Security Line
VSS VisaNet Settlement Service
VTRSVisaNet Transaction Research Service
VTS Visa Test System
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WIPWork in Progress
WLMWatch List Management
World CheckDatabase of Politically Exposed People and heightened risk individuals and organisations
XIDElectronic Commerce Transaction Identifier
ZARSouth African Rand

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