Basel III Pillar 3 Disclosures

Last updated: October 2019

In meeting its public disclosure obligations in terms of the Regulations relating to Banks, issued under section 90 of the Banks Act 94 of 1990, associated directives issued by the Prudential Authority, as well as the disclosure requirements of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Tyme Bank Limited, trading as TymeBank, has compiled documents in relation to the relevant applicable reporting periods, as follows:


Please note that TymeBank was previously registered as Commonwealth Bank of South Africa Limited, trading as TymeDigital by CommonwealthBank SA. The company began operating as a bank in November 2017. The Pillar 3 disclosure documents reflect the registered name of the bank and its related entities during the relevant reporting period.

The documents represent a comprehensive disclosure relating to the position of TymeBank’s business during the reporting periods. The documents have been prepared in line with board-approved internal controls and processes.