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Banking Glossary

By TymeBank - 10 September, 2021

What is something worth saving to you?

Is it something that matters to your family? Your community? Perhaps something that speaks only to you? Take Ouma Katrina Esau, for example, this 88-year-old language warrior is single-handedly saving the culture of the San people by teaching others their nearly extinct language of N|uu. Knowing what really matters, and what’s worth saving, can make all the difference. It’s why we’re committed to helping all South Africans save what matters to them whether it’s money, or the things that money can’t buy.

We also understand that language, while vitally important, can be a barrier to banking. So we are building a list of digital banking terms and what they mean in all 11 official South African languages. This is an ongoing project and we will be adding more words as we go, so keep checking back here to learn more.

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