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Entrepreneur shares tips on starting a business

By TymeBank - 12 November, 2020

Making and selling raw honey sounds like a sweet deal. But starting a small business in South Africa isn’t always easy. If you are an entrepreneur in South Africa, you need to be adaptable. Learn the tips for starting your own business from our local queen bee, Mokgadi Mabela, an award-winning beekeeper at Native Nosi.

Meet the South African beekeeper who turned honey into a sweet deal

While this talented beekeeper-turned-entrepreneur fell into her small business by accident, she still had to overcome some pretty big challenges, more than most small businesses face: like how to start your own business with no money. But this busy lady shares some solid business tips that have kept her local enterprise thriving.

Tips for the South African entrepreneur

  • That hardest part is starting
  • Do what you can with what you have
  • Formalise your business
  • Find innovative ways to fund your business
  • Save profits for future business growth
  • Stay motivated by following the stories of other Mzanzi-preneurs

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