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How saving money can help change your destiny

By TymeBank - 12 November, 2020

Born into a 3rd generation farmworker-family on a top South African wine farm, Denzel’s future as a general worker seemed like the only option open to him, until he tapped into the power of saving and studying.

Farm worker to wine maker

From an early age, Denzel decided he wanted more. This is his story of how he saved his money to study, which in turn helped him change his destiny. Through saving and investing in his studies Denzel was able to change his career trajectory. Today he is a winemaker at the farm he was born on, with the power to inspire others to change their destinies and financial futures.

Financial advice on how to get you closer to your goals

  • If you don’t have the money to study. Break your studies up and do what you can afford.
  • Sometimes you have to backtrack, save and then move forward again.
  • Don’t give up.

Start saving as soon as possible

The earlier you start saving the better, as then the power of compound interest is able to grow your wealth. Start by opening an EveryDay Business Account with TymeBank and keep the hassle out of your hustle.