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From domestic worker to small business manager

By TymeBank - 12 November, 2020

This is Priscilla’s story. She started out as a domestic worker, before she became a manager at Deep South Butchery, founded by Steve Lester.

Domestic worker in the morning. Butcher in the afternoon

Former domestic worker Priscilla wanted to send her children to school. She knew she had to find a way to make more money. By working 2-3 jobs, one of which was a profitable business with 12 members of staff. 

Tips to make money from your side hustle

  • Make sure your business offers something people need
  • Keep learning new skills, try different things
  • Ask people around you for help and they will help you
  • Do things step by step
  • Doing more than one job helps you save
  • Work hard
  • Stay motivated by reading the stories of other entrepreneurs 

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