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5 Money making skills to learn

By TymeBank - 20 July, 2021

Diversify yourself and learn new money making skills to add make and earn more money for your pocket. 

In these tough economic times, it’s not only smart but also necessary to learn new ways of making money that will make you a skhokho with your career. If there’s one thing covid taught us, it’s that one is never indispensable at their workplace, circumstances can change *khona manje and remote working is necessary. Okay, that’s three things but you get the point. 

Here are five skills you can learn to be your own boss even while you’re employed.


If the kitchen is your happy place and you realise that you’re the go-to person the family seeks out to bake a cake for a birthday, then maybe, just maybe, this is a side hustle to consider.

Most bakers or confectioners will tell you that they didn’t get any formal training or enrolled in culinary school. You can learn how to make the perfect swirl for cupcakes or bake birthday cakes. 

Make-up artist

From styling hair, shaping eyebrows, putting in those lashes and doing nails, being a make-up artist can be a lucrative gig, especially if you do all of the above. You don’t have to be a make-up artist for the stars of Mzansi, even though that wouldn’t hurt. 

The best way to start is simply reaching out to an already established make-up artist who’s been paid for her work and has a portfolio. Internet tutorials can also be your best friend when researching how best to contour those cheekbones and use that blush. 

Natural Hair stylist

Be it dreadlocks or protective hairstyles (braids) for curly or kinky hair, there can never be enough hairstylists in these streets for a sista in need. Because natural hair is quite finicky, what with it not responding well to heat (keep your hairdryer away) and also breaking so easily, being the go-to person for afro care, dreadlocks and braiding is ideal for your business. And if in doubt of what product to use while styling curly or kinky hair, shea butter will never disappoint. Seriously, it’s *nca!

Tattoo artist

Let’s get under the skin with some art. Body art is popular with the young and the old. If you’re Maori from New Zealand, then having a tattoo is more of a ritual act than mere aesthetics. For the ordinary South African who loves needles, ink and art, then this skill will come in handy and can be pursued as a side hustle. 

Take these two Mzansi-preneurs from the historic township of Soweto who made their tattoo business into a niche market that also addresses mental health. Sibusiso Dlamini and Ndumiso Ramate are two Soweto-based tattoo artists who use their skills to cover self-harm scars with beautiful tattoo designs. They started this campaign last year during Mental Health Awareness month in October. 

Driving school instructor

Just because you have a driver’s license doesn’t mean you have the tenacity to be a driving instructor. We’ve all dealt with an impatient instructor who yells when you can’t balance that clutch, especially when you approach that wretched incline. 

However, if patience is one of your string suits and you have a passion for safe driving…hello Mzansi taxi drivers, then this is a skill to nurture and take to the next level as a business. 

What sets your side hustle apart from a hobby is the way you treat it. Separate your personal money from your business money with TymeBank’s EveryDay Business Account


  • Skhokho: the best
  • Khona manje: instantly
  • Nca: perfect


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