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6 tips for saving on data and airtime

By TymeBank - 05 October, 2021

You're on your smartphone watching the latest Cassper music video. Then out of nowhere, you get the buffering wheel of death. Eish! You've run out of airtime and data. Didn't you just top up? It happens a lot, and let's face it, it sucks. Here are some tips to save your data and make sure that this time, you watch your favourite music videos right to the end.

1. Save time when buying airtime

So you need airtime. Simple, right? Get dressed, turn back at the door ‘cause you forgot your mask, get to the shop, queue, sanitise, finally pay and then load the voucher to your phone before heading back in time for your Zoom meeting. It's so deurmekaar, isn't it? Lucky for you, there's a much better way. Buy airtime, and stay connected for less from the comfort of your home with TymeBank’s USSD feature.

2. Stop apps running in the background

Besides airtime, you can also buy vouchers for Uber, Uber Eats and Spotify through the TymeBank app. But, did you know that even when you aren't using these or your other apps, they are still running in the background? Yeah, that’s right! They carry out tasks such as automatically updating and syncing data. Automatic app refreshing uses up a lot of data, which is not great for your pocket. This is why turning off the functionality is a good idea.
On Android phones, go to Settings > Data Usage to see data usage statistics for your applications. If any app is using too much data, right-click it and toggle on the “Restrict app context data” toggle switch. All background operations will be halted.
On iPhones, this feature can be found in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. You can disable background activity for specific apps or all apps from here. You can also limit software updates to when you're linked to WiFi.

3. Always use mobile versions from your phone

You might want to use the full desktop version of a website on your mobile device. But try to stick to mobile versions of websites when surfing on your mobile web browser. This way, your phone won't use extra data to load the full site which can contain large files such as images and videos which may be harsh on your small screen. It can also make the browsing experience easy for you.

4. Use WiFi when possible

When possible (and safe to do so), avoid using your mobile data by switching to WiFi. Look for the WiFi icon of three curved lines at the top of your phone screen to see if your phone is connected to WiFi. But please, make sure the WiFi network is trustworthy (if it’s free do you need a password to access it) and stable before connecting. But don’t access any sites that need personal information, and definitely don’t do any banking, when connected to public WiFi networks. Better safe, and low on data, than sorry.

5. Switch to offline listening

So you really wanna finish watching that Cassper music video. And you just heard that Khuli Chana has dropped another hit. Once you’ve bought your Spotify voucher via your TymeBank, you can listen to these and more, without using your mobile data. Most of the popular audio streaming apps, like Spotify, include various ways to download songs, albums and playlists so you can listen to them over and over offline.

6. Disable auto-play videos

Facebook is great for stalking your ex’s new bae, posting funny memes and stay up to date with what’s happening in your friends’ lives. But it can also put a serious dent in your data balance, thanks to its autoplay video feature. The good news is you can stop this. Simply head to the Facebook Menu > Settings > Videos and Photos > Autoplay. You’re welcome!

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