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The benefits of using a banking app

By TymeBank - 22 February, 2022

Even though we are living in the digital age, many of us still hesitate when it comes to using a banking app. Our reasons for this could be varied, such as concerns over data privacy and sharing of our personal details online. The cost of data may also be a deterrent in embracing all that’s digital. However, if we take a step back, the positives outweigh the concerns. Let's take the fear out of the process, demystify it and come to grips with the benefits of using your TymeBank banking app.

5 benefits of using TymeBank's mobile banking app:


Bank literally at any time or any place that you choose. Long queues are a thing of the past when you bank via an app. Bank on the run, and at your own pace and time with the immediacy of the app. Our smartphones are usually near us at all times, and a mobile banking app on the device can help us quickly take care of a wide range of life admin whenever we wish. It’s essentially a bank in your pocket that’s open 24/7.

Documentation Available 

Trust that all transactions are safely documented. You can gain access to statements, proof of account and tax certificates, any time you choose. Banking apps also have strengthened security where they scan your fingerprint or face to protect your digital banking experience. Should your phone ever go missing, you’ve got an added layer of security to keep fraudsters at bay and prevent anybody from gaining access to your hard earned moola.

Speak to your Bank for Free

Uncover how cost effective it is to make use of the TymeBank app. Pay only for your banking costs. With our app, you get free online banking subscription and free Android banking app subscription — no hidden costs for using the app. If you want to deposit money to a non-TymeBank account, or dispute a debit order within 40 days, that’s still free.

See all the free services you can get with your TymeBank EveryDay account here.

Set Goals and Manage Savings 

Did you know that your app can be used as a powerful financial planning tool? Learn how to set goals and manage your transactions. Optimise your money with your banking app with simple yet effective tools like forecasting the risk of running empty ahead of month-end on your account and spot opportunities where you can save your income. At times, we may not notice how much money we spend on takeaways or eating out. The good news is that your app can show you your statements anytime you wish, and seeing your spending habits in black and white may just be the wakeup call you need to cut down on eating out, and increase your disposable income with GoalSave.

Make Convenient Everyday Purchases in the Palm of your Hand 

Ran out of airtime, data or pre-paid electricity? You can recharge, literally from the palm of your hand. Make all of these prepaid purchases and more, with our banking app. With tailored options like managing your debit orders and added controls like adding beneficiaries to your account, convenience is our middle name. Another convenient feature of the app is immediate EFT and interbank money transfers that clear in near real-time.

It’s simple to use, convenient and easily available. These are just a few of the advantages of using the TymeBank banking app. Consider trying it out today!
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