More time for customers to pay. More Ka'Ching for you

Our TymeBank customers can buy now and pay it off later over 2 months – interest free. Good for business. Good for your shoppers.

Why MoreTyme is good for business

Lock-down those sales with this Buy Now, Pay Later solve

We carry the risk. You get your upfront payment in full

Instant gratification that will keep your customers coming back

Increased sales on higher ticket goods in-store + online

Access to TymeBank’s 2+ million customers

MoreTyme gives your shopper's more time to pay

MoreTyme is a Buy Now, Pay Later service for TymeBank customers. It means they can pay for half of their purchase at the till point (but you get your payment in full), take it home straight away and then pay us the rest over 2 months! 

As long as they have enough money in their account for payments 2 and 3, they pay no interest and no fees, making MoreTyme one of the most affordable short-term credit products on the market. It also effectively doubles their purchasing power and, the more we know about our customers, the more we can give them – like a bigger MoreTyme limit.

All they need to shop with MoreTyme is our banking app and the rest is fast and simple.

Your sales will rise. Here are the facts

We've done many studies the world that show a payment plan like MoreTyme ups the sales, boosts purchase size and keeps the abangane coming back.

  • 81% of South African’s don’t own a single credit card.    
  • 22% increase in sales conversions in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK.    
  • 25% increase in repeat business in the US market.    
  • 9.4% Total value of credit granted by retailers from 2018 to 2019    

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How customers use MoreTyme

Step 1

Your customer logs into their TymeBank banking app to see how much they have available to spend.  

Step 2

When they’re ready to pay, they generate a MoreTyme payment voucher (valid for 15 mins) for the full available to spend amount. 

Step 3

They then show the payment voucher to the teller. And that’s it. 50% of the amount comes off their EveryDay account straight away and the goods are theirs to take home. 

Step 4

The customers then pay off the balance over 2 months. The second payment of 25% is automatically deducted from their account after 30 days, and the third and final amount (25%) comes off their EveryDay account 60 days after their purchase.

MoreTyme is cleva

MoreTyme is a "buy now, pay later" solution for in-store shopping. It allows your customers to purchase items and take them home immediately. Payment is broken down into three instalments over 2 months - 50%* of the purchase price upfront in-store, 25% after 30 days, and 25% after 60 days - essentially DOUBLING* your selling power with no risk to you.

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