SendMoney to anyone with a SA cellphone quick! Quick!

It’s instant. It’s easy, and if you’re both with TymeBank, SendMoney is free.

Why use SendMoney?

SendMoney to any Mzansi cellphone number

A small R4 fee when sending to non-TymeBank customers

Collect the money at any Pick n Pay or Boxer till point

Send up to R5 000 per day

The money gets to the person who needs it within seconds

How SendMoney works

For starters, you need an EveryDay account to SendMoney. Then you can send money to anyone with a valid SA cellphone number (no bank account needed). They can withdraw the money for FREE at any Pick n Pay or Boxer till point or, if umngani wakho also has an EveryDay account, they can withdraw it from any ATM for R8 per R1000.

What it costs and how much you can send

  • To SendMoney from TymeBank to another TymeBank account holder is FREE.
  • To SendMoney TymeBank to non-TymeBank costs R4 per transaction. For example, if you send R500 the person receiving it will get R496 (R500 – R4 fee). Or add R4 to the amount you’re sending so that the person getting the money can cashout the full R500 (e.g. R500 + R4).
  • So for example: if you’ve already spent R100 on airtime, you have a balance of R4 900 to send. The total amount for all value-added services (which includes prepaid electricity, airtime, data + SMS bundles) is R5 000 per day, dependent on your profile.
  • Learn more about our different EveryDay account profiles here.

How to use SendMoney

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