Give your staff access to their salary at any time

TymeAdvance is not a loan. Nor does it cost you a cent. Download the app today.

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Why get TymeAdvance?

Money worries impact work. Empower staff with a solution that protects them from expensive debt.

Reduce the load. TymeBank takes care of the admin.

Keep uncomfy personal money conversations out of the workplace.

Protect your business cash flow. TymeAdvance is not a loan.

Free your team from money worries so that they can focus on work

TymeAdvance is simply a way for your employees to access their salary at any time.

Because TymeAdvance is not a loan, there are no interest rates, no credit checks and no awkward conversations that could upset smooth working relationships.

Better yet, TymeAdvance doesn’t impact your cash flow, burden your admin team and it is at no cost to your company.

How your staff benefit

  • They have a quick way to access funds.
  • TymeAdvance protects them from expensive debt or loan sharks.
  • They can apply for an advance directly without needing to have an uncomfortable talk with a manager.
  • TymeAdvance is not a loan and will not impact credit scores.
  • They get the money they need even if they have a poor credit record.
  • All they need is a TymeBank EveryDay account, the app or a cell phone.

How TymeAdvance works

TymeBank receives realtime payroll data

We then calculate the available advance for each employee based on their salary.

Staff members contact TymeBank directly for an advance

They do this via our app or from their cell phones using USSD.

Funds are directly deposited

Employees need a TymeBank account to receive their advance. If they don’t have one, they will be prompted to open one.

All advance information is returned to your company

Payroll then pays employees their remaining salary.

How to use TymeAdvance

Open a TymeBank account

You can open one in under 5 minutes on our TymeBank app. Then login to the app and select TymeAdvance.

Choose how much you need

Enter the amount you need to “withdraw” from your salary (up to R5000 at a time).

Receive your advance

If your request is approved the money will be deposited into your TymeBank account immediately.


Remember, this advance will come off your upcoming salary.

Frequently asked questions

TymeAdvance is only available to employees whose employers have signed up with TymeAdvance. If you don’t think you’ve been selected to use TymeAdvance yet, speak to your employer. As soon as TymeAdvance is available for you to use, you should get an SMS letting you know.

Get the app.
Get the account.

Download the TymeBank app to open your free bank account in less than 5 min. No paperwork. No stress.

Download the TymeBank app now:

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