EveryDay bank account limits

Your profile limit is based on how much data we have, to verify your details. The more we know about you, the more we're able to offer. Each profile will have different transaction and balance limits. Currently, we rely on our kiosk process to get as much information as we can to help us identify you and verify your address, using your fingerprints (other banks ask you to submit paperwork for this).

Just Met

This is the profile you’re on if you opened your account online and haven’t been to a kiosk to capture your fingerprints. Or, you’ve been to the kiosk, but we had trouble identifying you through your fingerprints and your address. In other words, we’ve just met you because you’ve opened your account, but we don’t know you very well, yet.

Maximum Account Balance

Max Bal

Everyday Account + GoalSave(S)R40 000
Maximum for GoalSave(S)R40 000

Monthly limit

Per Month

TOTAL MONTHLY limit of payments, prepaid purchases, send money, cash withdrawals, debit card purchases, debit orders and online purchasesR40 000

Transaction & Daily limits

Per Txn

Per Day

TOTAL DAILY limit of payments, prepaid purchases, send money, cash withdrawals, debit card purchases, debit orders and online purchasesN/AR20 000
Payment (EFT)R20 000R20 000
Prepaid PurchaseR3 000R3 000
SendMoney - EFTR5 000R20 000
SendMoney - VoucherR5 000R5 000
SendMoney USSD (EFT or Voucher) R3 000R3 000
Cash Withdrawals @ ATMR5 000R5 000
Cash Withdrawals @ Till point (Debit Card & TymeCode)R5 000R5 000
TOTAL DAILY limit of Cash Withdrawal @ ATM and Till point (Debit Card & TymeCode), and Send Money VoucherN/AR21 995
Debit Card PurchaseR20 000R20 000
Online PurchasesR10 000R20 000
Cash Deposits @ Till point (Debit Card and TymeCode)R5 000R20 000
Debit OrdersR20 000R20 000

Note that cash deposits are limited to the maximum account balance limit & that there are also limits applicable per transaction.


  1. If you have R10 000 in your EveryDay Account, you can only save R30 000 in total your GoalSave(s).
  2. If you have R15 000 in your GoalSave(s), then they can only have R25 000 in your EveryDay Account.
  3. If you've made prepaid purchase for airtime worth R1 000 - you can still make another prepaid purchase of R2 000 on the same day, because the daily limit is R3 000.
  4. If you make a cash deposit of R5 000 at a till (maximum per transaction) you can still make further deposits after that of up to R15 000, because the daily limit is R20 000. The R15 000 would need to be in multiple transactions of R5 000 maximum per transaction for card deposits and R3 000 maximum per transaction for TymeCode deposits.
  5. If your daily online shopping transactions are limited to R20 000, and your transaction value exceeds this, your purchases will be declined.
  6. Total cash deposits for a day cannot exceed R20 000.
  7. Total cash withdrawals for a day cannot exceed R20 000. SendMoney transactions to non-TymeBank customers are included in your cash withdrawal limit.

At all times remember that the profile limit is R40 000

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