Make the salary switch to TymeBank

Switch your salary to TymeBank and get paid a day early. You also become an 8 phesenta on your GoalSave.

Switch To TymeBank

Why switch your salary to TymeBank?

  • For starters, you will get those payday feels a day before your actual pay day. Having ka’ching in the bank feels good.
  • You will also earn 8% interest a year on your GoalSave(s). That’s 1% more than those who don’t have their salary paid into a TymeBank account.
  • And by switching to TymeBank you pay zero monthly bank fees and are only charged for the transactions you make. It’s the Mzansi way!

What else do you get with TymeBank?

  • FREE personalised debit card.
  • Use SendMoney to send imali to anyone with an SA cellphone number. It’s FREE from one TymeBank account to another.
  • Earn Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points EVERYWHERE you pay with your TymeBank card and DOUBLE points when you swipe and pay at Pick n Pay stores.
  • iLife is already expensive, so we don’t charge you extra to buy prepaid electricity, airtime, data or SMS bundles.
  • Pay zero monthly fees and only pay for the banking you use.
Find out more about the benefits of TymeBank here

How to switch your salary to your TymeBank account

Step 1

Log in to your TymeBank account using internet banking or our banking app.

Step 2

Click on your EveryDay account.

Step 3a

A stamped proof of banking account letter can be obtained via the mobile app or internet banking, which you can easily email to yourself or your employer.

Step 3b

If you need any change of bank account form to be stamped for you, you can visit an ambassador at a Boxer and PnP store who will verify and stamp the document for you.

Step 4

Check your email address is correct and tap “Send”.

Step 5

You’ll be emailed a Proof of Bank Account letter. Simply forward that email to your employer and ask them to update your banking details on their payment system. (You can also print the letter and give it to your employer.)

How can I get someone to help me switch my debit orders?

Send a Proof of Bank Account letter or email to the payments department of each company doing the debiting. Ask them to update their systems with your TymeBank account details.

Get the app.
Get the account.

Download the TymeBank app to open your free bank account in less than 5 min. No paperwork. No stress.

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