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What’s worth saving for you? For Katrina Esau it’s N|uu

Ouma Katrina Esau is an 88-year-old language warrior who is single-handedly saving the culture of the San people by teaching others their nearly extinct language of N|uu.

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Knowing what really matters, and what’s worth saving, can make all the difference. It’s why we’re committed to helping all South Africans save with GoalSave. It is a powerful tool that gives you one of the best interest rates in Mzansi, as much as 8%* a year and gives you immediate access to your money, whenever you need it.

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Why start a GoalSave?

GoalSave is a free savings tool linked to your EveryDay account

Start 10 different GoalSaves for 10 different goals

Earn more the longer you save. Get as much as 8% interest a year

Switch your salary to your TymeBank account and get an additional 1%

Keep those savings safe from debit orders

Access your savings ngok’shesha!

Get a sweet 10-day notice bonus

The power of GoalSave

The money in your GoalSaves earns you interest at a rate that grows over time.

You can have as many as 10 active GoalSaves and you can add money as often as you’d like, as long as the combined total across all your GoalSaves and your EveryDay account is not more than the limit set for your profile or doesn’t exceed R100 000 across all 10 GoalSaves.

Learn more about our different EveryDay account profiles here.

Interest that gets bigger over time*

It pays to give your money some space. The annual interest rate bumps up the longer you leave your imali in GoalSave.

4%1-30 days

Earn 4% from day one. Now that’s a good start

5%31-90 days

After 31 days your interest rate ups to 5% my friend

6%90+ days

From here on the interest jumps to 6%. Don’t touch your money – just watch it earn interest on the interest already earned. It’s a beautiful thing

7%10 Day Notice days

Give us a 10-day heads up before taking your payout, and earn yourself a Bonus on all the interest earned on your GoalSave. This takes the maximum rate you’ll earn to 7%*

8%10 Day Notice days

If your salary is paid into your TymeBank account, and you give us 10-days’ notice on a payout, you’ll get an additional “Salary Kicker” that takes your maximum rate to 8%*

* GoalSave Bonus and Salary Kicker are calculated by multiplying the stepped GoalSave interest earned over the life of the investment by a factor. The calculation details are explained here.

Calculators & Tools

Those goals may be closer than you think! Use our GoalSave calculator to work out how much and for how long you need to save to reach them.

How to use GoalSave

GoalSave is easy

Login to your TymeBank EveryDay account online, click on new goal and follow the on-screen instructions.

Give your GoalSave a name

You can create up to 10 different GoalSaves and give each one a name, e.g. holiday, computer, etc.

Take your payout whenever

Add money or take it out at any time. The longer you leave your cash in a GoalSave, the more interest it will earn.

Frequently asked questions

  • GoalSave interest is earned in steps over the life of the account, with the 4% per annum rate applied for the first 30 days, 5% applied for the next 60 days, and a rate of 6% is applied from then on.
  • Interest is calculated daily, based on end-of-day balances. It is accrued during the month and all accrued interest is capitalised on the 1st day of the new month. This means that the interest is added to the account balance, and from then on, the daily interest is calculated based on this new, higher balance.
  • When a GoalSave payout occurs, accrued but not yet capitalised interest is added to the payout amount (the value paid out includes all customer funds invested and all interest earned over the life of the GoalSave account).
  • Customers are eligible for the “GoalSave Bonus” when 10 days’ notice is given on a GoalSave withdrawal. The Bonus amount is calculated as [all interest earned over life of GoalSave] x [7% / 6% -1]. This incremental payment results in the maximum interest paid during the life of the GoalSave increasing from 6% to 7%.
  • Customers who elect to have their salary paid into their TymeBank account are eligible for an additional “Salary Kicker”. This is applied if the conditions for the “GoalSave Bonus” are also met. The Salary Kicker is calculated as [all interest earned over life of GoalSave] x [8% / 7% -1]. When added to the “Goalsave Bonus”, this incremental payment results in the maximum interest paid during the life of the GoalSave increasing from 6% to 8%.

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