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12. Communicating with you

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

12.1. It is important that we can contact you about your Accounts or your use of our Products. When you submit your Application, you may give us information like your telephone number, email address, or postal address (‘contact details’).

12.2. You agree that we can communicate with you using any of the contact details you have given us. If any of your contact details change, you must tell us. You can tell us using any of our Channels that are available to you.

12.3. You agree that we will contact you using the latest contact details you have given us. If you do not tell us that your contact details have changed, we will not be responsible for information being sent to the wrong person.

12.4. If your contact details are not correct and we need to contact you, you agree that we can charge you for any costs we pay to find you.

12.5. We will communicate with you using the SmartApp wherever possible. There are times when we will send you messages by push notification, SMS, telephone, email, social media, or third-party websites – we will stick to your preference whenever we can.

12.6. If you don’t want to receive direct marketing messages from us, you can update your marketing preferences using the SmartApp, SMS, email, or Kiosk, depending on what Products you have with us.