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15. Protecting Your Personal Information

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

15.1. When you complete your Application, and when you use our Accounts or Products, you accept that you will be giving us some of your personal information. Personal information is protected by law, including the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (‘POPIA’).

15.2. We will keep any personal information you give us in a safe environment and take all reasonable steps to protect it. We have security procedures to make sure that:

  • your personal information is always correct;
  • your personal information is only used when necessary; and
  • nobody can view or take your personal information without permission.

15.3. These security measures are detailed in our ‘Channel T&Cs’ which are available on our website www.tymebank.co.za.

15.4. When you complete your Application, you give us permission to use your personal information in the following ways:

  • to check your identity
  • to provide you with Products
  • to create credit-scoring profiles
  • to suggest other Products to you
  • to prevent crimes like fraud, money laundering, or terrorism

15.5. When you complete your Application, you give us permission to share your personal information in the following ways:

  • with regulators, law enforcement agencies, and government bodies when required by law
  • with credit bureaus
  • with fraud prevention agencies if you have given us false or incorrect information

15.6. We are required to share your personal information to SARS, the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), and to other regulatory bodies. To enable us to meet our obligations, you commit to inform us in writing:

  • Should your contact information or address change.
  • Within 90 days, should you become a tax resident in another country.

15.7. To help make sure that your personal information is safe and secure, you must keep your passwords and pins safe and secret.

15.8. When you send us any personal information and when we store your information, we encrypt it using appropriate security technologies and procedures. Encrypting makes it difficult for your personal information to be viewed or used without permission.

15.9. You have the right to ask us for details of the information we keep about you (‘data subject access request’) by emailing compliance@tymedigital.com or calling 0860 999 119. We will give you these details as quickly as possibly but always within 40 days.