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2. Before you can enter this Agreement

By TymeBank - 12 February, 2020

2.1. If you want to enter into this Agreement:

  • you must be 16 years or older
  • you must have a valid South African identity number
  • your photograph and fingerprints (‘biometric information’) must be on the Department of Home Affairs’ HANIS database
  • your information must be available with a credit bureau

2.2 When you send your Application to us, and every time you give us any instruction about your Accounts, you confirm to us that the following information is true and correct, and that we can rely on this information:

  • it is completely legal for you to accept these Terms, to transact with us, and to perform your obligations under these Terms;
  • if you are acting for another person, they have given you permission to act for them;
  • if you allow someone to act for you and do anything in relation to your accounts, that person also agrees with these Terms;
  • you will not use our name or any of our trademarks or marketing material if you do not first get our written permission;
  • you are above the age of 16;
  • you have agreed to these Terms; and
  • you have given us information which is true and correct, and we can rely on this information.

2.3 If any of the information in 2.2 above is not true and correct, we will not enter into the Agreement with you, or open Accounts for you, or provide you with our Products.

2.4 If we find out later that any of the information above was not true and correct, we have the right to close your Accounts, or stop you from accessing your Accounts or using our Products until you confirm to us that the information is true and correct. If any of the information you have given us changes, you agree to tell us about the changes as soon as possible using any of our Channels, that are available to you.

2.5. We will give you reasonable notice before closing your Accounts, or before stopping you from accessing your Accounts or using our Products, unless the law forces us to act immediately. ‘Reasonable notice’ means we will tell you before we do anything if this is possible in the situation.

2.6. If we decide not to open Accounts for you or not to let you use our Products, we will give you the reasons for our decision if you ask us for them. If you are unhappy with the reasons we give you, you can lay a complaint against us using the information we give you in the Complaints section.