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22. Repayment, interest, fees, and charges

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

22.1. If we give you credit or a loan, we must follow the National Credit Act, 2005 (‘NCA’). The NCA limits what we can do and gives you rights that we must respect. We will tell you about these rights when you take out credit or a loan with us.

22.2. If we give you credit or a loan, you agree to pay back the credit or the loan when we demand it.

22.3. You agree to pay interest at the rate we set on any credit or loan that we provide to you. We will give you reasonable notice of the interest rate before we charge you. We will give you enough time to think about the interest rate before you agree to any credit or loan. The interest rate we set will not be higher than the maximum interest rate allowed by the law, including the NCA.

22.4. You accept that we may change the credit interest rate you earn on our savings and investment products from time to time. These changes may happen when the South African Reserve Bank (‘SARB’) changes the ‘repo rate’, or at other times. We will give you notice of these changes on our website and by using the method you have chosen for us to communicate with you.