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25. Debit Card

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

25.1. Receiving your debit card: You will be issued with a Visa branded contactless chip and PIN debit card at a Kiosk instore at a PnP or Boxer. The debit card has an integrated circuit (CHIP) and an antenna for wireless communication which allows for contactless card payments by bringing the debit card into the wireless range of an enabled contactless POS device at selected merchants.

25.2. You will either receive a personal card or a business card depending on your account. These terms and conditions apply equally to both.

25.3. You will choose a personalised PIN before receiving your debit card (keep this safe).

25.4. Activating your debit card: When the debit card is issued, it has a status of ‘active pending first transaction’. To activate your debit card, you will need to perform a successful POS or ATM transaction.

25.5. Debit card safety and PIN: As a cardholder, you must take proper care of the debit card and the debit card PIN. You must take all reasonable steps to prevent them from being lost, stolen, or wrongfully used. Be aware that anyone who has your debit card can perform contactless transactions, so you must keep the debit card safe.

25.6. If the debit card, the debit card number, or the PIN is lost, stolen, or used wrongfully, you must let us know immediately by calling the 24-hour Lost Card number 0860 999 118 (+27 11 327 6167 for International Calls).

25.7. Upon issue, your card, including replacements and renewals, will be automatically enrolled for VbV participation, which provides another level of authentication when performing an eCommerce transaction at a participating merchant.

25.8. For a transaction at a 3DSecure merchant, you will be sent a One Time PIN, which you must enter correctly in the space provided to complete the transaction. A PIN may not be required for a key entry transaction.

25.9. We may impose measures to stop or restrict the use of the debit card or debit card number if we suspect that fraudulent or illegal activity is occurring on the debit card.

25.10. Expiry and Replacement: Your debit card is valid until the last day of the month shown on the debit card. Your new debit card will be issued to you at a Kiosk.

25.11. You may request a replacement debit card if your debit card is lost, stolen, or damaged. We may charge you for a replacement debit card. This cost is available in the Fees section available on our website.

25.12. Exchange Control Regulations: You must follow all applicable exchange control regulations when using the debit card outside the Common Monetary Area (which includes Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, and South Africa). Any transaction or payment made in a currency other than South African Rand (“Rand”) will be converted to Rand at the Visa rate of exchange that applies on the date of processing the transaction to your accounts.

25.13. Right to debit the account or decline transactions: Each time the debit card or the debit card number (and PIN) is used to perform a transaction, we have the right to deduct this amount from your account. This right applies even if no transaction slip or cash withdrawal voucher has been signed.

25.14. Card Disputes: If you have any problems, claims, or disputes with any supplier or merchant that you use your debit card with, this will not affect our right to receive payment in any way. You will not be able to instruct us to refuse to pay the supplier. You also cannot instruct us to make a claim nor institute a counter claim against a supplier or merchant.

25.15. Any payment made by us to a supplier or merchant is final and cannot be reversed unless Visa allows it in terms of their own rules and regulations.

25.16. If a payment was made twice, you must provide proof that you tried to resolve the dispute or problem with the supplier.

25.17. You must raise any dispute about your debit card within 30 (thirty) days after the transaction date.

25.18. In these Banking Terms, you agree that no supplier or merchant is our agent. If a supplier or merchant refunds you, it will be credited to your account only after we receive a proper credit voucher from the supplier or merchant.