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31. Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Programme

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

We have partnered with PnP’s popular Smart Shopper programme to bring you a range of benefits which will become available if you chose to join our Loyalty Programme by opting in to the Smart Shopper Terms & Conditions on the kiosk.

31.1. Benefits if you join

  • Automatic enrolment in PnP’s Smart Shopper program, with your Tyme debit card doubling up as a Smart Shopper card.
  • Receive double Smart Shopper points for PnP purchases when your debit card is swiped to earn and used to pay (the 1:1 matching of PnP earn is a Bank launch proposition and may be adjusted in future.)
  • Receive Smart Shopper points for purchases outside of PnP when your debit card is used to pay (the launch “outside PnP” earn rate is set at 1SS point for every R3 spent).
  • Keep all unspent Smart Shopper points that are linked to an existing registered Smart Shopper profile.

31.2. Smart Shopper profiles

  • If you chose to join the Loyalty Program, your debit card will be linked to your Smart Shopper profile.
  • Your debit card has your Smart Shopper number printed on the back. It also stores your barcode and magnetic strip. This means it can double up as a Smart Shopper card.
  • If you have previously registered your Blue Smart Shopper card (which is linked to your SA ID number) your new debit card will be linked to your existing Smart Shopper profile.
  • If you choose to keep your existing Blue Smart Shopper card, this will continue to work. Points will be awarded to your profile. Please be aware that you can only earn more points at a higher level if you use your debit card.
  • If you have not registered your blue Smart Shopper card, or if you do not have any have points linked to your card, you can link all these points to the new Smart Shopper profile linked with your debit card.
  • Please call the PnP Smart Shopper call centre on 0800 11 22 88 to do this.

31.3. How to earn and burn

The processes for earning loyalty points (“earn”) and spending points you have earned (“burn”) are simple:

  • Inside PnP, present your debit card to the till operator before or after your purchases are scanned. Then, use your Tyme debit card to pay.
  • At all other retailers, including Boxer, simply pay with your Tyme debit card.
  • To spend your points, first follow the normal PnP processes to allocate the points to your debit card (at the Smart Shopper kiosk or online). Once you are ready to pay for your goods at the till, simply tell the till operator that you wish to pay for your purchase with Smart Shopper points, and hand over your debit card.
  • Your Smart Shopper points balance can be viewed through the Smart Shopper channels (Smart Shopper kiosk and website) – the balance will include all Smart Shopper points awarded by PnP, Tyme and other Smart Shopper partners.

31.4. Tyme Loyalty Awards

  • There is no limit to the number of points you can earn – the more you use your Tyme debit card, the more you will earn.
  • The Smart Shopper points you earn by participating in the Tyme loyalty program and paying with your Tyme debit card, will be awarded on a monthly basis.
  • We will calculate how many points you’ve earned directly after calendar month end and will always strive to award your points as soon after this as possible.
  • If you have any questions about the loyalty points you earn from us, you can call our Customer Service Centre on 0860 999 119. We will be unable to help resolve issues related to earning points from PnP or another Smart Shopper partner.

31.5. Card issues

  • Lost, stolen or damaged debit cards must be cancelled using Kiosk, SmartApp, Internet Banking or by calling the Customer Service Centre:
  • New debit cards can only be issued at a Kiosk.
  • Smart Shopper points linked to a Smart Shopper profile will not be affected when a new debit card is issued.
  • Smart Shopper points that have been converted for burn and have been allocated to a debit card that is replaced, can be recovered from the lost, stolen, or damaged debit card by calling the Smart Shopper call centre on 0800 11 22 88.