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42. SmartApp

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

The SmartApp is the Channel that you can use to access our products without any help from us.

42.1. We may use the SmartApp to collect indirect information from you. We may also use it to provide other products to you from third parties.

42.2. When you download and use the SmartApp, you agree that we may collect indirect information from you so that we can customise your experience.

42.3. When you register with us, we will collect the following security information from you, which together will make up your ID for the purposes of the SmartApp. This ID will provide us with a secure way of checking your identity each time you log onto the SmartApp, or any other relevant Channel.

42.4. This information that forms your ID is:

  • information that allows us to identify your specific device and SIM card; and
  • a four-digit PIN that you select.

42.5. We grant you a license to use the SmartApp provided that you comply with these Channel Terms.

42.6. When you download and/or use the SmartApp, we will have access to your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

42.7. When you use the relevant Channels on your mobile device, it will use your device’s data connection, you will need to carry the cost.

42.8. The SmartApp may need to access the camera and microphone on your device. It may also use your gallery, contacts, location information, and data available through other sensors. This will be for risk assessments, customisation or the provision of specific services.

42.9. You will be asked for permission before the SmartApp accesses any function or information on your device. You may choose not to grant permission, but this may limit the features and benefits available as a result.

42.10. To make sure that we offer you the best possible user experience, we will record events within the relevant Channel, including time spent on a page, time to complete processes, how you use the SmartApp and if relevant, how you use your device. This may also include the use of location data, connectivity type and technical device data. We do this to help with any problems we may encounter and to monitor our Channel usage and make improvements.

42.11. By using the SmartApp, you allow us to collect and use technical information about your device and related software, hardware and peripherals for services that are Internet based or wireless. This will allow us to improve our products.