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46. Website

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

Our website is the best place for you to visit to find information about our products, our help and complaints procedures, and all our terms and conditions.

46.1. We may also advertise different products on our website, and some of these may be offered to you by different service providers. You agree that you may not hold us liable in any way for any product or service you purchase from a third party as a result of the adverts on our website.

46.2. You agree that we may monitor how you use the website so that we can use this information to improve our services. You agree that our website can use cookies to gather and make use of this information.

46.3. When you use our website, you agree that we can store your IP address and use this information to improve our services to you.

46.4. You agree that nothing on our website should be viewed as investment advice.