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48. Ambassadors

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

You will see that we have Ambassadors available at our Kiosks to help you access our Products.

48.1. An Ambassador will never ask you for your access details and you must never share your access details with them.

48.2. Ambassadors will explain to you how to use our Kiosks, but they will never give you financial advice. You agree that no information or help you get from an Ambassador will be viewed as financial advice.

48.3. You agree that you may not hold us, or any of our Ambassadors, liable for any harm or loss you suffer as a result of any or all of the help they provide to you.

48.4. You agree to treat our Ambassadors with respect and dignity. If you say anything to our Ambassadors that is abusive, racist, or likely to incite harm, we can report you and we may decide to end our Agreement with you.