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5. Fees

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

5.1. You agree to pay the fees and charges (‘Fees’) for the Accounts or Products we provide to you, including monthly fees, and transaction fees. You also agree to pay any costs which we must pay when we perform our obligations under these Terms, including administration fees, commissions, and taxes. You can find information about our Fees and additional costs (‘pricing guides’) on our website at www.tymebank.co.za or by calling 0860 999 119.

5.2. You agree that we can charge any Fees and additional costs to you either immediately when you use a product or service, or once a month for the Products you used during the month.

5.3. You agree that we can take (‘deduct’) any Fees and additional costs you owe us directly from any Accounts you have with us.

5.4. We can change the Fees and additional costs we charge for your Accounts and Products. If we need to change or add any Fees or additional costs for your Accounts or Products, we will tell you about these 30 days before the changes happen, using the contact details you have given us. You must review the changes and contact us on 0860 999 119 immediately if you do not understand anything.

5.5. If you do not agree to the changes, you can close your Accounts or stop using our Products at any time. You will have to pay any amounts you owe on your Accounts when you close them.

5.6. If you continue to use our Products after we make the changes it means that you agree to the changes.

5.7. If you think the changes are unfair to you, you can lay a complaint against us using the information we give you in the Complaints section.