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7. Anti-Money Laundering

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

7.1. You accept that we must follow local and international laws to prevent money laundering, terrorism, and other organised crime.

7.2. You agree to give us any documents we might need to follow these laws and check the information you give us about yourself. If you do not give us these documents, we can refuse to open Accounts for you or let you use our Products.

7.3. You agree that we can report information about your Accounts to local and international regulators without telling you, if the law forces us to do this.

7.4. You agree that we can close your Accounts or stop you from using your Accounts and/or Products without telling you why, if we have reason to think that your Accounts are being used illegally or if you cannot give us all documents we need to check your information.