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8. Service Interruptions

By TymeBank - 13 February, 2020

8.1. Events out of our control could cause a service interruption that stops you from accessing our Products or Channels for some time. Service interruptions can be caused by things like power failures or blackouts, system or network failures, wars, strikes, or natural disasters.

8.2. We do not have to let you know about service interruptions before they happen if we do not have enough time, but we will try to let you know before a service interruption happens if this is possible in the situation.

8.3. If a service interruption happens because of an event out of our control, our obligations to you will be suspended and we will not be responsible if we do not perform any of our obligations to you, for as long as any interruptions last.

8.4. You agree that we will not be legally responsible to you in any way because of any interruptions which were beyond our reasonable control.