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How do I get proof of payment?

You can now request a proof of payment notification to be sent directly to your email address. If you don’t have an email address linked to your account, please add […]

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Why am I getting a “limit exceeded” error when trying to buy airtime or electricity?

We have a R3000 combined daily limit on SendMoney, airtime and electricity purchases. Please check that you are not over your daily limit. View account limits here.

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My airtime or electricity purchase failed but my account has been debited. What do I do?

If you don’t receive your prepaid airtime or prepaid electricity purchase, please contact our Customer Contact Centre on 0860 999 119 with the Transaction Reference Number for assistance. To find […]

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What is Free Basic Electricity and how do I get it?

Free Basic Electricity (FBE) is a government initiative that offers a small amount of free electricity per month to low-income households with qualifying meters. If you qualify, you can request […]

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Why is my prepaid electricity token not working on my prepaid meter?

The token gets generated by your energy provider (such as Eskom or your local Municipality) and we send it to you. If the token is not working on your meter, […]

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Why have I not received my prepaid electricity token yet?

Your token number will reflect on the SmartApp or Internet Banking after you have made the purchase. If you close the app before using the token, then don’t worry, you […]

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