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How do I get a Proof of Banking letter?

You can now get a Proof of Banking letter sent directly to your email address from Internet Banking and the SmartApp. If you don’t have an email address linked to […]

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Can I withdraw cash directly from my GoalSave?

You will need to request that the GoalSave is paid out (immediately or after 10 days) and the amount will be transferred to your Everyday account for you to spend.

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Why must I wait 10 days to cash out to receive the bonus?

We want to help you manage your money better and maybe even think twice before you buy something on impulse. We hope that a 10-day cooling off period will encourage […]

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Can I cash the money out in batches?

All the money in your GoalSave is cashed out at once when you request a payout. This can be done immediately or with a 10-day notice period.

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What happens if I want to cancel my payout within the 10-day notice period?

You can, and you will not be penalised on your interest level.

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Do I get a notification that my money has been paid out after 10 days?

If your GoalSave payout (including interest) is more than R100, you will receive an SMS from us telling you that it is in your EveryDay account.

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