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Personal Loans

I have completed the online application process, submitted my 3 months’ bank statements and I went to my nearest kiosk to sign the contract, but my money did not pay out into my EveryDay account, what now?

Please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0860 999 119 with the error code that displays on the screen. Our agents will investigate the reason for this and will be […]

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What is the process when I apply for the loan?

You can apply for your loan online by following the link we sent to you via e-mail. Once you succesfully complete the online process, you will know whether you are […]

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Can anyone apply for a loan?

Applications are not open to the general public just yet. You’ve been handpicked to apply for a Personal Loan from TymeBank during this pilot phase.

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What documents do I need to apply for a personal loan?

We will just need stamped bank statements for the last 3 months, from the account your salary is paid into, as well as your most recent payslip.

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TymeBank is a digital bank, why am I required to still submit documents?

We may make changes to this process going forward, but as this is a pilot phase, we still need this information to come directly from you.

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If I am already a TymeBank customer, am I still required to submit 3 months’ bank statements?

Yes, we require 3 months’ bank statements from the account your salary gets paid into, even if this is a TymeBank account.

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