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Personal Loans

What is the loan service fee?

This is a monthly fee to cover the cost of maintaining the loan on the credit provider’s system, for the duration of the loan. For this initial pilot phase, we […]

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Do I need to pay the initiation fee upfront?

You can decide how you’d like to pay the fee. It can be paid upfront or over the duration of your loan. If the initiation fee is paid over the […]

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What is an initiation fee?

This is the credit provider’s fee to cover the cost of creating the loan. We have a once-off fee of R1 000. You will only be charged this fee if […]

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How many personal loans can I apply for?

You can only have one personal loan at a time. If you need more money, you can apply to top up your loan, but this will only be approved once […]

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I have received an email from TymeBank, inviting me to apply for a Personal Loan, what is this about?

Congratulations! You’ve been handpicked to apply for a Personal Loan from TymeBank during our pilot phase. We are testing our very first personal loan product in the market and would […]

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