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Can I view my SendMoney transaction history?

Yes, simply visit your transaction history on the SmartApp or Internet Banking. Go to ‘Previous transactions’ in your EveryDay account.

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Can I send someone money outside SA?

No, this is only available within South Africa.

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How can I SendMoney to someone?

Log onto your TymeBank account via the Smart App or Internet Banking and choose the ‘Send Money Option” and enter the recipient’s mobile number (SA only).

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If you are sending money to an existing TymeBank Customer

If the mobile number is linked to a recipient who has an account with TymeBank, the full amount sent will immediately be transferred into the recipient’s EveryDay transactional account.No fees […]

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Must I have a TymeBank account to send money?

Yes you do need a TymeBank account as the funds are paid from existing TymeBank EveryDay transactional account.

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If you are sending money to a non TymeBank Customer

If the recipient mobile number is not associated with an existing TymeBank Customer, a voucher will be generated and sent to the recipient via SMS. This voucher can be cashed […]

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